Monday, 15 March 2010

For You My Dear

This post will be written in English 'cause it has to be. Otherwise cannot be possible. I have a girlfriend over the Ocean who I love so much. Tomorrow is The Day for her. I wish you, baby, every fuckin' luck in this God damn world! 'Cause I strongly believe there is nothing in this world that will not come to your best results.

You might have been remembered that I have "some" feelings. Well, today, something superstitious have happened. I was preparing a meal. Actually, I've put sarma in fireproof vessel and than into oven. After a while, I've spot a smoke from the oven. I thought, okay that's because I left a cover over vessel. But, no, no, no. The vessel decomposed into two pieces. Almost ideal one. Like Yin and Yang. That's okay, first thing I've thought. There's nothing in this world without any purpose. In other words, it can't be by chance. There is a reason. And, it's not the first time in my life. Probably not the last one.

So, I thought, it's the sign. And what is it? I think it's a good one. It's something that we call in Serbia = "razbijanje malera". I strongly believe that's it. I don't want to think of any other possibility.

Tomorrow, I'll stand by you, even if I'm so far away (in a physical way), I'll be with you. And, I have promised you a thing. I will tell you all. I've promised to my girlfriend that I'll stop smoking. I'm smoking my last pack of cigarettes.

Please, everyone, pray with me. There were times when I've lost my faith. I'd have some firm reasons, but I've been waiting "something" to wake me up again. So, I'm awaken now.

Tomorrow, one person is struggling for herself. Tomorrow, one person needs all our good and noble thoughts. So, let us be with her. Please, please, please.


  1. I'm sending to you both my thoughts as a support!

  2. I'm with both of you, I wish you luck!

  3. Dear Zverka, you are such a great friend. I pray with you and your friend. Good luck!

  4. Thank you buddies for your presence and support! :-)


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