Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Memorabilia: 5 October 2010

After all...
We're still sitting in the black hole...

Nothing good to be remembered,
Nothing bad has been dumped.

Completely destroyed hopes,
Fully gambled lives.

Walled up in the walls,
Destroyed by a hand of villains.

There is no more excuses
For non-acting, for being cowards.

If the cowardice is the only obstacle
It has to be overcame

Nothing has been changed!
Have we changed ourselves?

Should we wait for another ten years?
Or the time has come for new rebellions?

After all...
We're still sitting in the black hole...


  1. Nothing more to say, to add!
    Should we wait to go mad?

    Vidi, potera me na poeziju :)
    Zaista ne znam šta da kažem, pokušao i sam i kod sebe! Ne ide!

  2. But we're already mad
    Just myself to recommend

    Never have I said that
    We'll have to regret

    So, try again, a little more
    Better later, than before

    Everything in rhyme
    All for nickel-and-dime

  3. Ko je tu lud, a ko blesav? Mi koji smo ostali ili oni koji su otišli (ne na nebo)?

  4. Na vrh mi jezika, ali mi nešto teško da izgovorim.

  5. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations, they`re quite aware what they`re going through :)

  6. Said the voice from the herd. :) First among the equals. ;)


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